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gnome rogue pwnage

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4/25/08 02:57 pm

Fuck Wes, I miss you so much.

Miss your laugh, your prsence online... it saddens me that you gave your acount to Ballard... I remember the trees abve you, framing that angel face...

I miss you as a friend... come back to me...

2/27/08 02:15 pm

Spewing forth like golden knowledge
pushing against misunderstood motives


fracturing apart into the darkness
outside the window
farflung hurt crying madness


the guilt in my stomach and the
pain that there is no way
i can reach out and say


forgive me

1/23/08 02:42 pm

i accidentally discovered you phlanker, i didn't mean to pry :(

i'm just having such a hard time holding onto judgement :( skit doesn't care, i don't think devee's coming back and it's all just crumbling as i watch in horror.

noone's on the forums anymore, i don't even know what's going on


12/5/07 12:25 pm - looky!!


11/1/07 03:15 pm - random

i never knew lilly tomline was gay. /sigh/ the things you learn at work when nothing is happening

11/1/07 02:20 pm - 011107

Hi... i'm not really big on the journal thing, this is mostly just for WoW stuff.... blogging.... forumtrolling. something to do at work when there's not anything more constructive to do! :D 
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